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Code Title Cost
CC022 Early Years Educator Level 2
G832 (COMCAT2) Commercial Catering Appliances Group 2 - Steam £96
L001-G 17th Edition with Amendment 3 (2382) £351
TEI006 2399 Photovoltaics £765
BC960 A More Resilient You - Resilience Training (Delivered by Industry Expert - Rachel Kay of Lovelocaltraining)
6121-Y1 A-Level Accounting
9032-Y1 A-Level Art
7881-Y1 A-Level Biology
7811-Y1 A-Level Business Studies
7882-Y1 A-Level Chemistry
5512-Y1 A-Level Computing
7812-Y1 A-Level Economics
6701-Y1 A-Level English Language
6726-Y1 A-Level English Language & Literature
6746-Y1 A-Level English Literature
042090-Y1 A-Level Film Studies
7856-Y1 A-Level Further Mathematics
7835-Y1 A-Level History
7839-Y1 A-Level Law
7850-Y1 A-Level Mathematics
51090-Y1 A-Level Media Studies
9034-Y1 A-Level Photography
7888-Y1 A-Level Physics
6151-Y1 A-Level Politics
6181-Y1 A-Level Psychology
6061-Y1 A-Level Religious Studies
6191-Y1 A-Level Sociology
EC216 AAT - Level 2 - Book Keeping Certificate £625
EC212 AAT - Level 2 - Foundation Certificate in Accounting £1200
EC213 AAT - Level 3 - Advanced Diploma in Accounting £1800
EC214 AAT - Level 4 - Professional Diploma in Accounting £2350
RV108 Access to Higher Education Diploma: Biosciences
RV104 Access to Higher Education Diploma: Education Professions
RV102 Access to Higher Education Diploma: Health and Wellbeing
RV122 Access to Higher Education Diploma: Health Care (Nursing)
RV101 Access to Higher Education Diploma: Pre Diploma
RV133 Access to Higher Education Diploma: Science
RV135 Access to Higher Education Diploma: Social Sciences
BB257SD Accounting Apprenticeship Level 3 Advanced
BS3501A11 Accounting BA (Hons) (Top Up)
BS2521A14 Accounting Foundation Degree FdA
G881 ACS Caravan Closed Flue Space Heaters (HTRLP2) £151
G883 ACS Caravan Refrigerators (REFLP2) £151
G884 ACS Caravan Water Heaters (WATLP2) £151
G885 ACS Caravan/Boat Warm Air Heaters (WAHLP1) £0
G821 ACS Change over Domestic Core to Catering Commercial (CODC1) £231
G823 ACS Change Over Domestic Core to Commerical Core (CODNCO1) £231
G826 ACS Change Over from Commercial Core to Domestic Gas (COCDN1) £231
G822 ACS Change over Residential Park Homes (CONGLP1 RPH) £231
G803 ACS Combined Wet Central Heating & Water Heater (CENWAT1) £96