Careers Advice

Our Careers Team is always on hand to give you advice and guidance about how to progress into your dream career.

They can help you with:

  • Finding the right course
  • Getting your dream job
  • Writing your CV & personal statement
  • Finding jobs
  • Selling yourself and interview techniques

To speak to a dedicated Careers Adviser phone (+44) 01254 292929 or email We also offer daily "quick query" sessions to support you with your course choice - simply call on the day you want an appointment (Monday - Friday). 

Frequently asked questions

I want to change career or improve my chances of promotion at work, so what can I do?

This will depend upon what job you do at the moment and what job you would like to do in the future. You might not even know what opportunities exist for you but might be feeling unchallenged in your role. The solution could be as simple as studying towards a specific qualification or it could be as complex as changing career direction completely. To get information and advice specific to your situation come and see a Careers Adviser.

Can I come to college if I don’t have any other qualifications?

Yes! We have something for everybody, whatever level you are ready to study. Come and see a Careers Adviser to explore options that are right for you.

Will I need to study Maths and English?

Whatever you study, Maths and English skills are important and employers list these amongst the top employability skills they are looking for. Some courses will require you to have qualifications in Maths and English before you can go onto study them, but this is always made clear in the entry requirements and it is possible to do these before the course if you don’t already have them.

I think college is for young people and think I’m too old to go back to learning. Am I?

No! You are never too old to learn new skills, especially since many people will now have on average 10 different careers in their lifetime. At Blackburn College many of our classes have a wide-range of people at different ages, learning together. This includes students who want to learn a new hobby right up to completing their Master's Degree. We pride ourselves on providing the support needed to make sure that individuals achieve their potential.

I just want to get out of the house, meet new people and study for fun, what can I do?

We know that learning for fun can be just as valuable as learning to support opportunities in work, so we have a wide range of courses available.

Will I need to pay for my course?

This depends on your personal circumstances and the type of course you want to study.