Careers Employability and Enterprise Offer

To succeed in your early working life (whether via university or straight from College) you will need to develop your understanding of the jobs market, your employability skills and the personal qualities to give you an edge in a hugely competitive environment.

Our Employability and Enterprise provision will allow you to develop, through a variety of initiatives, the skills and attributes you will need in order to build a successful career. This offer will run as an addition to your scheduled timetabled classes and will form a large part of your tutorial.

The offer includes:

Employability tutorial sessions.

We will help you construct a strong CV, search effectively for a part/full time job and develop your interview skills so that you can properly sell yourself to an employer.

Job / work experience / volunteering / shadowing

Blackburn College has a long standing and well established partnership with the local community and we will be able to facilitate a wide range of opportunities for you to enrich your CV and/or UCAS application should you wish.


Workshops and guest speakers will be provided throughout your time at college, examples include: ‘start your own business, ‘developing a business idea, ‘social enterprise and employability’ etc. These will provide insights in to not only potentially setting up your businesses but also what sectors and labour markets are trending or set to trend in the future thus affecting your future professional and social development.

Fairs and events

You will be able to attend Career fairs, progression events, job fairs, apprenticeship fairs, speed networking events… to name just a few.

Up-to-date Information

Our extensive careers and employability virtual learning environment provides you with up-to-date resources, current vacancies on our ‘Jobs Board’ and information on local and national events, helping you make an informed decision about your future.

Enterprise Club

Blackburn College will help you build strong creative and enterprising skills. Our student led Enterprise Club will provide opportunities for students interested in self-employment, small business development and entrepreneurship.

University Partnerships

As well as enabling direct progression to our own University Centre, we have strong links with local universities. Events are organised regularly to visit Universities and these are generally highly valued by students and parents.

Activities and Competitions

Develop your employability skills through a variety of exciting opportunities that may include, for example: Mock Interviews, Coffee Mat Challenge, individual enterprise projects.

National Citizens Service.

For some students it will be possible to work on this exciting national award.

Careers Advisers

Unlike many institutions Blackburn College has four permanent Career Advisers ready to help you at any stage of your career development. Whether that’s advising you on the correct course/s to study in order to land that dream job or helping you tidy up your CV, the Careers team will always be on hand to help.

Our commitment to you:

  • You will gain a clear understanding of the employability skills you possess and reflect on how you can build on them
  • You will develop your employability skills through an innovative timetable combined with a high quality tutorial and careers programme
  • You will develop and practice your employability skills through a wide range of stimulating opportunities>

Your Employability Badges

We believe that your work on ‘employability’ is a crucial part of your overall time at Blackburn College. To reward you for your work and to enable you to share your skills with employers, through networks such as Linkedin, you will be awarded a number of different employability badges. This will help you keep track of your personal development during your time at college and is recorded on your personal Moodle Page.