Student Charter 2017/18

The purpose of this Charter is to define the relationship between Blackburn College and our higher education students reflecting participation in the life and community of the College which will support the enhancement of the student experience. This partnership is based on a mutual and mature relationship between staff and students encompassing openness, trust and respect.

Student Charter 2017/18 Student Handbook 2017

We will:

  • Lead by example to ensure your safety at all times (eg. wearing our staff lanyards)
  • Demonstrate professionalism and respect in our interactions with you, acting as role models
  • Acknowledge the value of your contributions, views and opinions
  • Deliver an induction programme to support you settling into the College and onto your programme
  • Offer opportunities for regular group and individual tutorials with a dedicated personal tutor
  • Set assignment and submission deadlines in a timely manner to support students to manage workloads
  • Provide prompt and useful feedback on your assessments (either written and/or verbal) and opportunities to discuss in line with Awarding Body Requirements and Academic Regulations.
  • Provide opportunities for hearing the Student Voice to help us listen to your needs, to enhance our provision and maintain a dialogue with our student body
  • Provide access to advice, support and guidance for your academic, personal and social development
  • Provide a safe study and social environment
  • Provide additional support from our wider support team
  • Provide information to help with your studies including information about all the facilities available
  • Provide opportunities through the Students’ Union to connect socially at events, clubs and societies
  • Create opportunities for involvement in a range of enterprise and research projects
  • Provide access to a range of equipment and subject specialist resources
  • Provide opportunities to develop professional and employability skills
  • Offer guidance and support from your tutors on your programme content
  • Offer opportunities for students to actively contribute to programme development

In return, we expect the following from you:

  • Please wear your College ID/Lanyard at all times to ensure your safety and identify you as one of our students
  • Share our ‘College Values’ and show respect for yourself, staff, visitors and other students at all times
  • Use your College email account for all communication
  • Respect and utilise the facilities and resources provided
  • Attend your classes, meetings and scheduled examinations and be punctual at all times (see programme handbook for process on reporting absences including those relating to scheduled exams)
  • Be fully prepared for and engage in all your classes and educational events
  • Be responsible for your own development, working towards independent study and research and asking for help and support when needed
  • Support your peers, sharing ideas to promote and foster a culture of teamwork
  • Learn and apply good referencing skills to avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct
  • Complete your work to the deadlines set and to the best of your ability
  • Discuss your feedback and encourage a dialogue with your tutors in order to enhance your work
  • Express your views, thoughts and opinions through the Student Voice activity and Student Representation cycles
  • Attend your group and individual tutorial sessions to enhance academic and pastoral support
  • Familiarise yourself with all relevant College policies and procedures including those that cover Safeguarding (including safe use of social media); Complaints and Disciplinary procedures

The Students' Union

The Students’ Union serves to give the student body the opportunity to enhance the student experience by expressing its voice and co-creating effective change. The College takes deliberate steps to engage all students both individually and collectively in respect of their academic and student community opportunities and the enhancement of their education experiences.

The Students’ Union will support students in discussions in setting minimum expectations in relation to academic standards, the quality of their learning opportunities and information made available to them. Students are actively encouraged to participate in programme committees, school boards and the formal governance structures such as the Corporation Board, Academic Board and the associated committees.

We are actively involved in curriculum development and validation processes, as well as the established student representative fora. Working together we will support students in addressing issues arising from student feedback and student voice activity throughout the year.

In striving to develop the social aspect of the Blackburn College experience we have an ever evolving range of student led clubs and societies which can be founded around any common interest, whether academic, social or leisure. Societies receive organisational, administrative, structural and financial backing from the Union. The Students’ Union encourage students to get involved with regular fundraising events, non-academic trips, national and social events to enhance their experience. We intend to provide students with the opportunity of becoming Student Ambassadors or Champions to support enhancement and represent the College and their peers.

Student Engagement

Our aim is to enhance our academic community enabling student development and participation in all aspects of the student experience, specifically in scholarship, the development of employability skills and the Student Voice. All students are supported to engage with the College experience through a supportive and dedicated team, embedding highly effective tutorial and academic support.

Our College Values

Equality - we promote equality and diversity

Excellence – we strive for excellence and realise the potential of our students

Empowerment - we empower our students to change their lives through education and training

Commitment - we are committed to our students' education, training and support

Respect - we treat everyone equally and with respect

During your time at the Blackburn College we will work collaboratively to promote and raise awareness about

British Values:

  • Democracy
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs
  • The rule of law

Additional information, policies and procedures can be found in the Student Handbook and via the College Publication Scheme.