£500 Bonus for Full-Time eligible University Centre students

If you enrol on a full-time course at University Centre at Blackburn College in the academic year 2018/19, you will be eligible for a bonus of £500 paid in your first year. The £500 is paid in two instalments in semester 2 and semester 3.

In the subsequent years of your course you will be paid a £250 bonus, which is paid in semester 3. If you progress onto a Top Up degree after completing your Foundation Degree the bonus paid will be £250 for the Top Up year, paid in semester 3.

Full-time undergraduate students will be offered the bonus of £500 (cash or equivalent) in the first year provided they meet initial and continuing eligibility requirements.

To be initially eligible, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • All full-time Higher Education students who are paying the £8,250 fee
  • You must be domiciled within the EU
  • You must remain in good standing.

The payments will be subject to satisfactory attendance and satisfactory progress checked periodically during the year. Satisfactory attendance will be determined based on records of student attendance in class registers checked periodically. If, when checked, your attendance is below 90% of classes in the checking period you risk not receiving a payment.

Because of the initial and continuing eligibility criteria, you must not make any financial plans in which you assume you will receive this bonus until you actually receive a payment.

Additional terms and conditions may apply.